Parserr wins 2017 award from FinancesOnline

Recently Updated on October 24th, 2021

Parserr is really excited to have been awarded both the “Great User Experience Award” and “Rising Star Award” with FinancesOnline for 2017. This is not only a massive achievement for Parserr but also a huge honour for us so early in the company’s history. We hope to keep striving to become everyone’s number one product!

FinancesOnline have been a great partner to us and we are delighted to let you know that FinancesOnline not only gave us these two awards but also listed us under their top 100 products within the communications software category. What an absolute honour!

For a while already, FinancesOnline’s readers have access to a detailed Parserr review that lists and explains the main features and benefits of our system, but also pays attention to pricing details and technicalities. According to the review, the platform’s experienced B2B team submitted Parserr to their standard scoring mechanism, and concluded it met all the criteria necessary to be qualified as a user-friendly and helpful communication system.

What they liked the most about it was the uncomplicated setup and almost seamless running where minimal adjustments are required to meet brand specifications. According to experts, setting up Parserr only takes as much as 5 minutes, which is surprisingly good for a system that scans and parses all of the users’ emails automatically (and without leaving any important detail behind!). With Parserr, they explained, data extraction can be expedited, and the user can capture contact information and respond to inquiries in a significantly shorter time than the usual.