How to Extract Text from Excel

Recently Updated on October 24th, 2021

Do You Need to Extract Text From an Excel Table?

Quickly Parse & Extract Text Data From Excel with Parserr

After many coffees, many late nights and many tests, our Excel parser is here! Want to filter excel data and extract text from Excel easily? Have a look below:

Extract Text & Number Data From Excel Email Attachments

Many of our customers receive excel email attachments in the forms of bank account data (shown above), reports, invoices, leads and many other different document types. Extracting just the right rows and then saving the excel sheet, or better yet, extracting just the rows you need, before inserting each row into your CRM as a lead just got a whole lot easier.

Create Rules To Pull Important Data You Need

Our new tool leverages the jQueryBuilder framework to be able to create queries simply and easily through Parserr’s intelligent user interface. As you can see in the image above, you’re able to add as many rules as you need, group different rules together, and lastly choose from 10 different operators (equal, not equal, begins with, doesn’t begin with, ends with, doesn’t end with) to filter the exact rows you need from your CSV/Excel spreadsheets.

Extract Text From A Cell in Excel

Parse Emails, Number Values, Names, and Other Data Values in Excel Tables

We already have a customer using this tool to extract only the refused credit card payments on their bank transaction statements and another interested in parsing their Google Analytics statements. The options for the use of parsing excel data/extracting excel data are endless.

Are You in Need of A Quality Excel Parsing Tool?

Parserr has included the excel parsing functionality on all plans, including our free one. So why don’t you signup today! As always, if you have any questions, please contact us or visit our support page for more information.