Create Dynamics CRM Leads from Emails with Microsoft Flow and Parserr

Recently Updated on October 24th, 2021

Want to Capture Email Leads to Microsoft Dynamics?

Automate Email Data to MS Dynamics 365 with Parserr

Do you receive emails like this? And you manually copy them into Dynamics CRM?

new lead

Where do Your Leads Come From?

Most businesses work through relationships. These relationships come through many different many mediums, be it word of mouth, conferences or a local letter box drop. However more and more businesses are receiving leads and new contacts through the digital medium.

Capture Digital Leads from Email

If you’re running Facebook, Google or LinkedIn ads, you’re probably driving folks to your website where you might be encouraging people to signup to a newsletter or e-book. And then receiving every lead via e-mail?

Perhaps you receive your leads from various different websites, business directories or third party lead providers? Or you may receive numerous leads from 3rd party providers in the form of a weekly report in a CSV, excel or even a PDF file?

email parser for excel

You’ve tried all the Outlook plugins recommended in every forum you’ve been to, only to find that you’re still spending hours manually creating new records in Dynamics CRM? In an ideal world, you’d like those leads to come into your inbox, their contact data to be extracted (or parsed) automatically and placed in the correct fields in Dynamics.

Stop Using the Copy & Paste Method

Usually the next step involves the arduous (and costly) process for a staff member, or worse still, you the business owner, to transfer those leads one by one into Dynamics. The same copy-and-paste routine process day-in, day-out.

Automate Email Data Extraction with Parserr

These are two of the most common scenarios we see at Parserr and they are crying out for an automated solution. In fact its a problem we had in our previous consulting business and one of the core reasons Parserr was created; to automate the extraction of all the most important information stuck inside our email.

How to Extract Email to Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM?

Dynamics CRM Email Automation Steps

We know it would be great to have an automated capture process for these leads, importing them into Dynamics 365 without manual intervention. With Parserr we (hope) we’ve made the process pretty simple:

1) Sign-up for a free account on Parserr
2) Auto-forward or CC your Parserr inbox with your lead emails
3) Parserr processes (parses) your e-mails and extracts all relevant data fields
4) Leads are automatically created in Dynamics CRM.

How does Parserr “parse” email and “extract relevant data”?

Create Parsing Rules To Get Only The Data You Need

Everyone receives their emails in a different format. For that reason we’ve created some pretty powerful tools to be able to extract only the data you need from each email. Parserr will allow you to build a series of rules that is able to work through the content of each of your emails and extract the exact content you require.

Each rule can remove/replace content you don’t need from the email so that you can narrow down on the exact content that you do need. Here is a small example below of just how easy that is to do. By using the “Get row containing text” rule and “Get all text after”, we can hone in on exactly the content you need.

parserr rules

Parse Email Data to Microsoft Flow

Using the method described above, we can create a set of email parsing rules to use in Microsoft Flow. In the above example, we created rules named “First Name” and “Last Name”. These are rules that extracted the required first and last names of the incoming lead.

Once you open Microsoft Flow up, and setup your flow, you’ll see that those very same rules are available to be used in Flow:


Send Email Data From Microsoft Flow to Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Flow makes it easy to use your parsed data in any other 3rd party app, and especially easy in Microsoft Dynamics CRM as you can see above.

For a step-by-step guide, check out our support article on setting up Parser with Microsoft Dynamics CRM or contact us today for further help or information!