Email to CSV: Setup in 1 minute for free!

Let us show you how incredibly easy this is for you. In fact, we are even willing to set it up for you! Just click here to contact us and we’ll set you up for free!

99% of businesses around the world receive crucial information with their email. In fact, 78% of business owners around the world check their email first before getting out of bed in the morning! How important? Well potentially more important their spouse!

However most businesses don’t make their emails work for them. What we mean here is simply just automating the many manual processes they have in their businesses everyday to make sure they can get the more important tasks done.

Email to CSV with Parserr

Most businesses receive repetitive emails from customers such as website enquiries or new leads. By repetitive, I mean emails with the same content over and over again. Many businesses, before finding Parserr, have a manual process where they will copy and paste information from their email to CSV files. Parserr has businesses that were manually:

  1. Copying incoming leads from their email to Salesforce
  2. Copying website inquiries to their contact lists
  3. Copying order confirmations to their restaurant POS system

We have helped these businesses automate this process completely so that they can reduce these manual tasks and get more time back to actually focus on their business.

How do you extract data from email to CSV?

After signing up for our free plan, you will be asked first to create an incoming email address for the particular email you’d like to automate. This will be the email address that you will send your repetitive emails too.

Once that is created, you will be required to add some rules, which will help us define how your email is parsed; that is, how you want to extract your data from your email. You can create numerous rules, to extract any data you would like from your email.

How does that email get to CSV then?

We have created a video to show how easy it is to create new parsing rules which take an email and extract the required information from your email. You can create multiple rules for each email to get exactly what you need from each email. Have a watch below and see how in less than one minute, you can parse your incoming email and extract exactly what you need from all your email.

Once the rules are running, you have the option to setup file downloads which create a row for every incoming email you send us. That means all your rules will run, and extract just the information you need. Then you have the option to download the file as and when you need it, or simply have it emailed to you when you require it!

Im still confused about how to get my email to csv. Can you help?

Of course we can. Simply ping us on our chat or simply email here, and we’d be happy to help!