Boosting Team Productivity with Parserr + Zapier

Recently Updated on October 24th, 2021

How To Boost Your Team’s Productivity?

Combine Parserr’s Email Parsing Tool with Zapier’s Workflow Automation

Today our partner, workflow automation tool Zapier, launched a new way to use and share Parserr with your whole team. Previously Zapier offered their amazing workflow automation tool for individuals. That meant that when signing up, one would usually have just one account for your company, and you would need to share your zaps and task history with the whole company.

Using Zapier’s Automation Tool on Team Projects

Zapier Teams Allows Collaboration To Improve Workflows

With Zapier teams, you can can automate everything, together. Teams makes it easier for your entire team to automate their Parserr workflows. You can now collaborate on and share automated workflows, aka “Zaps”, with teammates:

Save Time with Automated Workflows

Zapier for Teams helps you increase your team’s productivity, automate business workflows, and ultimately save yourself time. Over 100,000 brands from around the world are already using it!

Zapier CSV & Excel to Google Sheets

One way to use Parserr and Zapier with your team is create a Zap that automatically extracts your data from your Excel or CSV files and puts it straight into Google Sheets. In fact this is what is saving Lucid charts more than 40 hours a week when extracting reports directly from Marketo to Google Sheets!

You can create a shared folder within your Zapier team account and move that Zap to it, so your whole reporting team can access that Zap. Once the Zap is added to one of your team’s shared folders, anyone on your team will be able to view, edit, or copy the workflow. Parserr plus a Zapier for Teams account lets all your teammates leverage the full power of automation without the worry of shared logins, the hassle of individual accounts, or teammates asking you to set up Zaps for them.

What does Zapier Teams Marketing Automation Do?

Zapier for Teams now allows team members to:

  • Create shared folders to help your team keep all your shared Zaps organized
  • Add Zaps to any shared folder to share that Zap with the team
  • View the Task History for any Zaps that are shared in your team account
  • View, edit, or create a copy of Zaps within shared folders
  • Create templates of Zaps that teammates can copy to use for themselves
  • Share connected apps, such as a company Dropbox, Trello, or Parserr account, so other team members can use those company tools in their Zaps without the need for login credentials
  • Move Zaps from your private folders to your team’s shared folders—and vice-versa

How to use Zapier with Teams?

If you’re new to Zapier or haven’t created a team account yet, here’s how you can get started:

  1. Create your team: Visit to create your team. If you don’t already have a personal Zapier account, we’ll create one for you and set it as the owner of your team. Otherwise, your current Zapier account will be upgraded to a team account and assigned as the team owner.
  2. Enter in the billing information for your team: We’ll bill any usage from your teammates to this account. You can keep billing separate from your contact information if you have a different person, such as your finance department, who should be receiving the invoices.
  3. Provide a name and logo for your team: Since members can join multiple teams, it’s helpful to name your team clearly so it’s easy to identify. Your team’s name and logo will appear in their account switcher and in any invitations you send.
  4. Invite your teammates! Enter the email addresses for each person you want to invite to your Zapier team. If they don’t have a Zapier account already, they’ll be able to create one for free—or, if they do have an account then they’ll be added as a member of your team when they accept the invite.There’s no cost for adding a team member—to you, or the person you invite.
  5. Transfer your existing Zaps: If you or a teammate have an existing Zapier account that you added to a team, you can easily move your workflows from your personal account to the team account. Moving Zaps to the team account will allow the usage of those workflows to be billed to the team instead of their personal account.
  6. Share some Zaps: Either move a Zap you would like to share from your private folder to a shared folder—or create a new Zap in a shared folder. Everyone on your team will then have access to view, edit, or copy your newly shared workflow.

Have more questions on using Zapier for Team? Read the Zapier for Teams FAQ.

Ready to Improve Automation for Your Business?

If you truly want to improve the productivity of your business, you need to combine Parserr’s email parsing tool with Zapier’s automation services. Parserr allows you to automate the capturing of email data, pdfs, & other attachments directly into your favorite spreadsheet or Sales CRM (Hubspot, Salesforce, Sharepoint, Dynamics CRM & more). Combine that data with the hundreds of third party integrations offered by Zapier, and you and your team will be unstoppable. Try Parserr FREE today!

If you need help, please check out our support articles or contact us for additional information.