Boosting Team Productivity with Parserr + Zapier

Recently Updated on July 11th, 2021How To Boost Your Team’s Productivity? Combine Parserr’s Email Parsing Tool with Zapier’s Workflow Automation Today our partner, workflow automation tool Zapier, launched a new way to use and share Parserr with your whole team. Previously Zapier offered their amazing workflow automation tool for individuals. That meant that when signing […]

Zapier Integration Partnership with Parserr

Recently Updated on June 23rd, 2021Improve Email Automation with Zapier & Parserr The Best Automation Software Tools Are Now Integrated Yes, Zapier now integrates with Parserr! After a short beta phase with the¬†wonderful folks over at Zapier, Parserr is now live and integrates fully with Zapier’s automation software. We have seen an enormous uptake of […]