How to Convert Email Attachments to Excel

Recently Updated on June 8th, 2021Parse Email Data & Lists to Excel with Parserr At Parserr, we pride ourselves on being very good at a just a few things. In that way we can serve our customers extremely well, especially in the Email to Excel space. Anytime you need to get information trapped inside an […]

Extract & Send Email Data to Databases

Recently Updated on June 8th, 2021Learn How to Automate Your Email Lead Data to a Database in less than 5 minutes! Quickly Capture Incoming Email Lead Data Are you receiving hundreds of emails everyday in your business which you wish you could capture in straight to your database? We can help you! We’ve helped thousands like […]

Email to CSV: Setup in 1 minute for free!

Let us show you how incredibly easy this is for you. In fact, we are even willing to set it up for you! Just click here to contact us and we’ll set you up for free! 99% of businesses around the world receive crucial information with their email. In fact, 78% of business owners around […]

What Is An Email Parser?

Recently Updated on May 25th, 2021A Tool to Quickly Extract Text & Data From Emails An email parser is a service or software program that extracts relevant data from emails and condenses it into a structured form. Why do you need one, you might ask? Well, since emails are the most common medium for transferring […]